Field Sound Japan

Evan Salzbrenner recently got in touch to let me know that he has used some of my recordings on his website project called Field Sound Japan.  It’s a visually satisfying site allowing the visitor to trigger multiple audio recordings out of a choice of 11 and vary the volume of each to create a sound collage.

Japan Field Sounds Logo

Field Sound Japan Logo


Evan points out that the project was inspired by another website, Noisli, which I was previously unaware of but can see the similarities.  Both are worth a visit if you want to mix your own combinations of background sounds.  He hopes to add additional sounds in the future.

New horizons

So, quite a lot has happened to over the last few months. Sadly though not as much recording as I’d like. I now find myself living in Bristol, which has already proven to have been a fantastic move, not least because I now have a new environment on my doorstep to explore and capture sounds from.

Apologies for the lack of recent updates, but I can assure you that I’ll be relishing new opportunities for sound exploration in Bristol and sharing the results here!

BBC ‘Save Our Sounds’ project

Prompted by the recognition that while there exists a vast wealth of visual and written documentary material on life’s experiences, there exists relatively little whose audio characteristics have been captured, the BBC’s ‘Save Our Sounds’ project is attempting to assist in the preservation of what it calls ‘endangered sounds’.

While ‘sound maps’ are nothing new (a simple Google search demonstrates this), and the extent to which the sounds featured so far could be described as ‘endangered’ is questionable, I’m impressed that the BBC are doing something that will expose more people to the concept of field recording and that they are doing so with such aplomb.

The project seems to span a number of sites, however the the following page serves as the primary location for curious listeners. –

Unfortunately however I tried to contribute two recordings to the map this evening, and was met by a webpage error message. I hope this is only temporary, and in the meantime I’ve popped an e-mail to their support hoping that they’ll be able to assist.

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