This month I’ve replaced my clunky old Sony MZ-R50 minidisc recorder with a Zoom Handy Recorder H2. One of the benefits is that it records direct to SD card in a choice of formats, which I can then just drop on to my desktop in seconds. I had a good opportunity to trial it with my Sound Professionals SP-TFB-2 binaural mics yesterday (some results of which are below), and the results were even better than expected. I read a few reviews that reported some undesirable noise with this setup, so I was relieved!.

So this weekend saw the return of the Exeter Respect Festival, so as usual I went to soak up the atmosphere and make some recordings.

The first pair of recordings are of a group who played Indian Devotional Music. The group consisted of a female vocalist, a tabla player, and a sitar player.

Recorded on 12 July 2008.