The Exeter Respect Festival takes place each year, and as you might be able to spot, I’ve taken my recording equipment along to this event in the past. Previously the festival had been held at the Phoenix Arts Centre but this was the first year for it to be held at Belmont Park, and I think it worked really well.

We didn’t get to see a great many acts, but those that I saw I really enjoyed. Specifically, a band named Ainote-san, who had been billed as the Whaletone Opera. The Whaletone Opera project is primarily a a collaboration between Makoto Nomura of Tokyo and Torquay musician Hugh Nankivell, however the set began with a number of songs performed by Ainote-san, Makoto Nomura’s band.

Ainote-san (2)

I really enjoyed the set – they combined fantastic musicianship and originality with a great sense of humour and charisma. Some of the instruments were constructed out of household items such as plastic bottles, and in one piece some extra percussion was provided by one of the band members slapping parts of his body eccentrically.

Recorded on 11 July 2009

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