To quote from her official Youtube page, Dr Pooja Angra is a Hindustani classical singer with a doctorate in Indian Classical music from Delhi University. She is based in the U.K. She got her initial training from Prof Alankar Singh & Ruby Banerjee and later from Dr A.S Paital & Prof Geeta Paintal of Agra and Indore Gharna. She is an approved All India Radio & T.V artist since 1991 & 1998 respectively. In addition to concerts and live shows of Indian classical music in the U.K, she gives workshops and presentations at a number of institiutes. She works on a number of assignments for Southampton music services and Art Asia. She regularly sings for the BBC Asian Network.

It was a real pleasure to experience her performance at Exeter Respect Festival 2009. Here are some recordings I made during her set. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Pooja Angra (2)

Recorded on 11 July 2009

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Pooja Angra