Quoting Wikipedia: “Odaiba (お台場?) is a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay, , across the Rainbow Bridge from central Tokyo. It was initially built for defensive purposes in the 1800s, dramatically expanded during the late 20th century as a seaport district, and has developed since the 1990s as a major commercial, residential and leisure area.”

We spent a long day in Odaiba. Starting off having been too late to get into the Tsukiji Fish Market we took the Yurikamome Line from Shimbashi Station to Ariake Station. On arrival I bought an Onigiri and my first Japanese-bought Umeboshi… I thought the Umeboshi was a bit sweeter than the ones I was used to from Clearspring

Odaiba is modern, pristine and turned out to be one of the places that I felt I wanted to photograph the most. There were lots of very impressive buildings such as the Tokyo Big Sight and the Fuji TV Building, which I photographed to death.

We checked out the Panasonic Center, Venus Fort (a shopping center/theme for ladies), the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and ended the day taking lots of night-photography at the waterfront. We had a great day!

Recorded on 20 March 2009

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