I’m always interested in discovering other sites, although they are few and far between.

Today I received a message from Ian Rawes, the admin of a site named London Sound Survey, letting me know that he had placed a link to my blog on his site.

From what I can gather, Sound Survey came into existence around May 2009, and already it contains a significant number of recordings. It’s refreshing to see a field recording site that breaks away from the oft encountered blog format and the aesthetics are engaging.

The site is described as a small and growing collection of stereo recordings of places, daily life and events in the capital, and appears to comprise of four main sections: Sound Action recordings, Sound Map recordings, a graphical representation of the types of sound encountered across the of London, and a Historical Sounds section. As is alluded to in the website name, the recordings you’ll here are centered around the UK’s capital, which I think works well in tying the audio material into a cohesive body of work. That said, restricting the recordings to a geographical area does not mean that the recordings are restricted in scope – there is plenty of variety here.

I look forward to seeing and hearing more from Ian’s site.

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