Hopefully I’ll do some work towards building my home-made electronic instrument tonight. My soldering skills are rather poor, so maybe I’ll just do some soldering practice. I really don’t want to screw up any of the components I’ve obtained by bad soldering. I’m wondering what I should call it, but seem only to be able to come up with fairly boring ideas… like The Box… I’d really appreciate any ideas you may have – feel free to post your thoughts.

It will contain 6 oscillators, separated into two groups of three. Each will have a pitch control pot and an on/off switch. One group of three will be mixed to one audio out using resistors to retain clarity of each oscillator, and the other three will be mixed to a second audio out using diode’s to get weird signal-addition effects. Lastly, I’m thinking of putting a low-power control to squeeze some freaky sound out of it.

I’m really quite nervous about the soldering, and how I’m going to house the circuit. I guess it’s natural, what with this being my first project, but I really don’t want to damage anything and have to start from scratch.

I plan to post photos of my progress along with any associated audio.

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